On-site calibration

CHINO Corporation (Thailand) has on-site calibration service at the customer’s site and our instruments are traceable to Japanese Standards.

CHINO Corporation (Japan) gets registration of temperature and humidity as calibration laboratory based on the measurement law and certification based on ISO/IEC17025. By the mutual recognition program (MRA), the certificate is valid in foreign countries.

CHINO Corporation (Thailand) can calibrate temperature sensors (thermocouple and RTD) at -180°C to 130°C, and instruments (recorder, controller). If you require quotation of calibration price, please click here

On-site calibration service in the future:

  1. Loop calibration
  2. Temperature distribution measurement of the furnace and thermostat bath
  3. Validation assistance of pharmaceutical equipment

Equipment for calibration

CHINO Corporation (Thailand) provides a standard thermometer (model CGA-855KS), a standard temperature sensor at -180°C to 130°C, and a sensor storage box. It can calibrate the various kinds of temperature sensors.

In the future, CHINO Corporation (Thailand) plan to have the blackbody furnace and temperature sensor calibration equipment for calibration.

CHINO Corporation (Thailand) also issues traceability certificates and test reports.

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